Infography on Android logo history

For the article Android – Version history, devices and applications, I made an infography containing all the version of Google Android logo released to date.




What benefits does OCR brings you?

With Docs Matter, recognized document looks just like the original. Advanced, powerful OCR software allows you to save a lot of time and effort when creating, processing and repurposing various documents. With Docs Matter, you can scan paper documents for further editing and sharing with your colleagues and partners. You can extract quotes from books and magazines and use them for creating your course studies and papers without the need of retyping.


What is OCR?

Suppose you wanted to digitize a magazine article or a printed contract. You could spend hours retyping and then correcting misprints. Or you could convert all the required materials into digital format in several minutes using a scanner (or a digital camera/ your mobile phone) and Optical Character Recognition software.

So What Exactly is OCR?


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CC Smart Eye

CC Smart Eye – Video Text Translator

Capture texts, translate and search for them.

CC Smart eye is one of Yunmai Technology’s professional optical character recognition (OCR) scanning applications. Its main feature is to capture texts through mobile device’s camera, retrieve the text by using its built-in OCR Engine and then starts to translate it. Even more, you can search the text that you have captured on Bing.