Basics That You Need to Know About OCR

In this blog you are about to learn:

  • What is OCR
  • How OCR works
  • Why OCR accuracy never is 100%
  • What techniques have been introduced to address the growing need of higher accuracy

What is OCR

Paper to digital – Optical character recognition, or OCR in abbreviation, is the technology developed to convert text-based images into computer-intelligible, edible, and accessible electronic documents. 

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Chinese OCR SDK

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the technology that can extract text from images. The images can be pictures taken from your mobile device or scanned copies of paper document.

The recognition rate of modern OCR engine is reaching more than 90% for well formatted printed fonts. The problems encountered are mostly due to bad image: the image is too skewed, too dark or blurry, or a combination of this problems.

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A quoi correspond OCR?

Qu’est-ce que OCR ?

OCR (Anglais: Optical Character Recognition, Français: Reconnaissance Optique de Caractères) est la technologie permettant d’extraire le texte d’une image. C’est la phase qui intervient dans le processus de digitalisation de documents juste après la capture.

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